A model for you

Looking for a model for your life drawing or portraiture or photoshoot session?

In Wiltshire, Somerset, north Dorset, Hampshire or London?

Want a mature and fit male body?

Need a reliable, imaginative and flexible poser?

Hello: I’m Steve. I’m a professional model experienced in life and portrait work, also in photoshoots and in working with other models. I’m a full member of RAM (Register of Artists’ Models) – no. 4872.

Steve life model I’ve studied and practised hundreds of poses, so I can offer my own repertoire of short gesture poses, as well as longer 5- 10- 20- and 30-minute ones. But if you want to set your own pose programme, I’ll follow your directions – you’re in charge, and my job is to serve you and the artists.

I’m very fit – thanks to my three-times-a-week workouts at my gym in Gillingham – so I think I can rightly call myself “mature muscles”. I’ve got the strength to hold poses without breaking, shaking or moving. I’ll show up in good time, robed and in the posing area at least 10 minutes before the start of class.

Steve at Shroton 19-04-2018

An artist’s impression of me in a 15-minute pose at Shroton, Dorset

I’ve also started to do figure drawing myself at the Beaumont Gallery in Mere. I think my drawing helps me to understand what artists like and expect from us models.

If you can offer a modelling slot in your life drawing or portraiture group or class programme, or if you just want to make contact or you’d like some more information, click here to email me. I’ll answer all legitimate enquiries.

You can also email me if you’ve had a last-minute cancellation from one of your models. If my diary’s free, I’ll grab my robe and hop in the car and be at your place as soon as I can!


Client List

  1. Beaumont Gallery, Mere, Wiltshire – life
  2. Blackmore Vale Drawing, Marnhull, Dorset – life
  3. Charlton Musgrove Art Group, Somerset – life
  4. Devizes Life Drawing Group, Wiltshire – life
  5. Harnham Life Drawing Group, Wiltshire – life
  6. Lacock Art Group, Wiltshire – life
  7. Sherborne Artslink, Dorset – life
  8. Shroton Art Group, Dorset – life
  9. Studio-61 Frome, Somerset – life
  10. Wells Art Practice, Somerset – life
  11. Wessex Contemporary Art (WESCA) Society, Dorset  – life
  12. Yarlington Art Group, Somerset – portrait, life
  13. Paul Plews, photographer, Hynek Martinec, artist, London – photo shoot multi-model

 How am I doing?


At our meeting last Thursday we arranged to have a model for life-drawing practice, a new and exciting venture for the group. Steve Hoffman gave us an inspiring introduction to the purpose of life-drawing followed by a series of poses for us to draw. It was very well received and we plan to have more such sessions in the future.  — Lacock Art Group


I am very happy that you also enjoyed our collaboration on the set. Paul is a great photographer and the result of the photographs is stunning. You look great there. I am looking forward to painting it.

Hynek Martinec, painter, London

Thanks for being so professional and willing to get involved last week. The images do look excellent.

Paul Plews, photographer, London


Thank you also for a great session this morning. You’ve decided on wonderful dynamic poses which everyone enjoyed, and were inspired by!

Jane Barnard, Charlton Musgrove life drawing group


Steve our model was in his eighties and was amazing to draw. Age has melted away all the excess fat revealing the forms beneath.

Rob Adams, artist member of the Shroton group: Click here.


When Steve started modelling for us at the Beaumont Gallery, it was obvious straight away that he was a talented and professional model. He consistently comes up with interesting, well researched and challenging poses. I am extremely happy to recommend Steve to colleagues. He has proved popular with our artists (most of whom work professionally) and it is well deserved.

Robin Walworth, Beaumont Gallery, Mere BA12 6DZ


I found Steve had a professional attitude to his modelling, struck interesting and challenging poses and held them without moving for the full length of the pose. He was friendly and amenable, the feedback I’ve received from other members of the group is that they enjoyed his visit and would be delighted to welcome him back again.

Sue Fawthrop, Model Co-ordinator, Shroton [Dorset] Art Group


Steve takes a very professional attitude to his modelling. He enjoys holding challenging poses that require strength and concentration, giving the artist time to draught dramatic postures. Steve came highly recommended from a colleague and did not disappoint. He is a charming personality who considers modelling as an extension to his gym practice; modelling for him is an opportunity to test out his well rounded fitness. Our group will be consistently booking Steve for our venue.

Angus Holbrook, Marnhull [Dorset] Village Sessions

Naked v. Nude

Here is my favourite quote on life modelling, from the late AA Gill:

The boy [model] steps up onto a yard-square box and performs a small, unconsidered transformation from being naked to become nude. Naked is to be without clothes, …nude is the reveal of humanity, our collective apotheosis. Nakedness comes with guilt and shame, lust and hilarity; the nude is a symbol, a metaphor of our highest aspiration. It is innocent and wise: war memorials and Oscars are nude; angels and muses are nude. David is nude. Nude feels neither hot nor cold, is ageless, timeless.

  — From Lines in the Sand, Collected Journalism, AA Gill

The older male model

A good drawing or painting of a naked 60 year-old man is more likely to be about strength, movement and drama, but only if the model has himself put those three things into it.

– Vic Stevens, RAM website

What makes an interesting pose?

When posing, a life model must stay dead still, not move a muscle or a joint or a limb, not even the eyeballs. But “dead still” doesn’t mean that the pose doesn’t have life – a pose can be full of life when it looks like a body that’s about to burst into action. How does a model make that happen?

  • Show asymmetry: have the two sides of the body doing different things
  • Stretch and twist the torso, so the underlying structures – muscles and bones – show as bulges and depressions in the skin
  • Contract the muscles so that they give texture and shape to the skin surface
  • Depict a familiar action just before it happens: a hammer ready to strike, a fist just before it punches, a sprinter poised for the starting gun etc.
  • Create “negative space” by positioning limbs against other body parts or objects and structures

I try to do these things when I do short gesture poses – but not necessarily all in a single pose!


Posing for a portraiture session at the Yarlington (Somerset) drawing group


At my first modeling, Eliza Parker sketched and took reference photos to eventually produce this painting of my 30-minute pose


Some examples of my 2- and 5-minute gesture poses drawn by Rob Adams at the Shroton group in November 2018